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About Mario Johnson

“Vote the Person and       NOT the Party”.
My most notable achievements included the re-opening College Hill Park, establishing and organizing effective neighborhood block associations, opening and re-naming the New HOPE Community Center (formerly the Northside Community Center), organizing the first city wide Gun-Buy Back program with WPDH, exposing city housing corruption and misappropriation of federal HUD funds, securing funding for Police Diversity training, and creating the Anti-Graffiti law. While serving two years on the Common Council, I was appointed Vice-Mayor and the Chair of the Budget & Finance Committee. Due to an unexpected retirement of County Legislator Marshal Roberts. I left the Common Council to run as the 10th District Dutchess County Legislator.    Beside being an elected official, I served on many local non-profit Board of Directors, including YMCA, Habitat for Humanity, Dutchess County United Way, Hudson River Housing, City of Poughkeepsie Census Committee, Poughkeepsie Partnership, DC Community Action Partnership, Family Partnership Center, and the Dutchess County HIV/AIDS Planning Council, to name a few.     As a Democratic County Legislator in Dutchess County, I faced various political challenges in a heavily-dominated Republican-led legislature for the duration of my six year tenure. Despite this party imbalance, I was able to pass the first Racial Profiling study in New York State. I called for an investigation into inmate abuse and deaths at the Dutchess County Jail. The investigation resulted in several reforms to help eliminate allegations of inmate abuse by correction officers. I pushed for the reform and accountability of the Dutchess County Human Rights Commission, while securing funding for city non-profits to expand their services and programs to seniors, low-income residents and youth. I WORKED with everyone to get things done!!!           I am running for the Councilmember-at-Large seat because I have eight years of governmental experience and leadership skills. My experience will bring the Common Councilmembers together to work as a unified team to restore confidence in City Hall, while helping Mayor Rob Rolison revitalize our community and neighborhoods. I know that my political experience and in-depth community knowledge will help cut the politics out of Poughkeepsie and allow the Common Council to set forth an agenda that will lead the city to greater economic revitalization, community development, and financial stability. In the next several months, I will be asking for your support. I will be running as an Independence candidate. I will need Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and Non- Enrolled voters to help me become the first Councilmember-at-Large.  We are all in this together….“Vote the Person and NOT the Party”. Thank you. Sincerely, Mario Johnson Independence Candidate for the Councilmember-at-Large www.MarioAtLarge.Com 
Councilmember At Large