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Councilmember At Large
Prevailing Wage Jobs for Poughkeepsie In June of 2012, the Fallkill Creek Project (FDR) hired 175 individuals at a  prevailing wage rate of $51.70 per hour. Many Dutchess County and City of  Poughkeepsie residents benefitted greatly from the $4.5 million National  Emergency Grant (NEG). Nubian Directions interviewed, hired and  trained  175  unemployed and under-skilled  individuals. Prevailing wage jobs will exist and be  available for many local unemployed and under-skilled workers. The opportunity to  bring prevailing wage construction jobs into the City of Poughkeepsie is at our  finger tips. In the next year or so, Dutchess County will build a new $275 million county jail  (Transitions Center) on North Hamilton Street and Parker Avenue. In order to build  this new jail, the construction companies and their sub-contractors will need to hire  hundreds of construction workers (laborers, carpenters, iron workers, electricians, plumbers, masons,  painters, etc.) Trust me, the construction laborers jobs are coming to the City of Poughkeepsie. We need to  ask ourselves, Do we have a qualified workforce for these jobs? Will the contractors hire locally first? What  is needed to get these jobs? As the former General Project Manager for the Fallkill Creek Project, every employee had an orientation,  OSHA-10 safety training, team building exercises, and First-time Supervisors training.  All construction  laborers needed to obtain their OSHA-10 safety certification. Honestly, you cannot carry a bucket of water  on a construction site without an OSHA-10 card/certification. This basic training was required by the NYS  Department of Labor for ALL Fallkill Creek Project construction laborers and project employees. Fast  forward, OSHA-10 will also be required of all construction laborers/applicants working at the Dutchess  County Jail construction worksite. If I am elected as the Councilmember  At-Large, I can assure you that I would focus the Common Council  on passing resolutions calling for local construction Project Labor Agreements (PLA) or better known as  Community Workforce Agreements (CWA). PLAs/ CWAs are a pre-hire collective bargaining agreement   with one or more labor organizations and construction firms that establishes the terms and conditions of  employment for a specific construction project (Dutchess County Jail (Transitions Center). These  agreements would specify the terms of hiring city residents and Dutchess County residents first before  bringing in outside work crews from another county or state. I would work quickly and expeditiously to collaborate with local Laborers and skilled trade unions, various  educational institutions, and non-profit organizations to train and prepare the city’s workforce to potential  construction corporations and their sub-contractors for employment . On a personal note,  I believe the Dutchess County Jail (Transitions Center) is one of the greatest training  and employment opportunities on the horizon in the City of Poughkeepsie.  If I am elected on Tuesday,  November 7th, I will begin work on Wednesday, November 8th to secure the Community Workforce  Agreements (CWAs) with construction firms, local labor unions and skilled trade unions to secure  employment for our city and county residents. By the way, the New York State prevailing wage for construction laborers is $67 dollars per hour. Let’s  bring real jobs and wages to the City of Poughkeepsie. The best way to beat crime is a job!!!